Muslim activist to Congress: US fails to recognize Islamist ideology as predictor of terrorism

Follow @TheCircumvent This is abundantly clear, time and time again, as authorities miss suspects and ‘known wolves.’ Just today, the international press was abuzz about two brothers who, though their family was monitored for years, died fighting in Syria for… Continue Reading

Indonesia: Man sentenced to 2 years in jail for FB post stating that hajj no longer needs to be done in Mecca, and other blasphemies

Follow @TheCircumvent Related: Indonesia: Man sentenced to 15 months in prison for posting insults, memes about Indonesian politicians Coconuts Jakarta, July 27, 2017. Another person in Indonesia has been sentenced to 2 years in prison over an incident directly related… Continue Reading

(Video) California: Imam prays for annihilation of Jews, and calls to liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque from their ‘filth’

Follow @TheCircumvent September 13: Residents ask council to denounce imam’s hateful words August 29, 2017: California Imam Exposed By MEMRI Retracts His Antisemitic Statements (CAMERA, July 28): After a California imam repeatedly targeted “the Jews” in a sermon, the Sacramento Bee published a… Continue Reading

Rolling Stone: Why can’t Justin Trudeau — giver of money to terrorists — be the US President?

Follow @TheCircumvent Nothing like having an incompetent, celebrity-like person who gives money to terrorists be your leader. President Obama is no longer president, Rolling Stone. “The government of Canada recently issued an official apology — and acknowledged awarding an “undisclosed”… Continue Reading