Georgetown University prof runs Tumblr blog “S–t Men Say”; gives out personal info

Georgetown, where Tiffany Trump will attend law school.

More about Georgetown university professors.

Age of S–tlords, May 24, 2017.

This story first appeared on MRCTV, and has been edited for the purpose of this article:

A distinguished professor at Georgetown University runs a Tumblr blog titled “Shit Men Say” where she publicizes the personal information of people who disagree with her online for the purpose of harassment and intimidation.

C. Christine Fair, a Provost’s Distinguished associate professor of security studies at Georgetown’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, started the blog “Shit Men Say” in January 2017. According to the description of the blog, Fair shares “snarcastic missives based upon the shit men (and sometimes  women ) say to me via email, voicemail and comments ‘deposited’ on my various social media” on her page”.

In Fair’s posts, she reveals messages she received online along with the personal information pertaining to the people who sent her the messages. She posts her victims’ social media URLs, photos (including family photos), full names, locations, addresses, work information, phone numbers, and email addresses. For example, here are a few of her posts [and, unlike Fair, we redacted some information to protect her victims]:


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