ISIS developing undetectable laptop bombs to use on planes

Breitbart, May 18, 2017.

ISIS has reportedly developed high powered explosives that can be hidden inside laptops and are entirely undetectable by regular airport scanners.

CBS News reports that following the discovery of equipment left behind by ISIS fighters at the University of Mosul in Northern Iraq, the US government believes that sophisticated new bombs could be concealed within laptop computers and may be much harder to detect by traditional airport security scanners. After Iraqi special forces recaptured the University of Mosul in January, it was discovered that ISIS had used the university’s equipment and laboratories to develop these new explosives.

ISIS bomb makers reportedly tested how easily detectable the new explosives are by modern security screenings by using airport scanners that they stole from the Mosul airport after the Islamic extremist group overran the city in 2014. Following the retreat of ISIS troops as they were routed by US troops in January, the terrorist group burned any areas that they had occupied, but enough was recovered to determine the type of explosives that the group was developing….

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